Picture 2By C. Winnie Saywah

It is believed by aged-old tradition that a woman’s place is usually in the home and at the back of a man but the modernization of human existence has changed that belief and makes women the best part of the global society.

Women are now considered a better part of everything that must move the world to its next level and so a humanitarian organization with a quest to change the lives of girls in Liberia especially those associated and or affected by the war was keen on engaging some girls in the Samuel K. Doe community through a movie named, “Who Does She Think She Is”?

“Who Does She Think She Is” is produced by Mystic Artist Film Production in association with Wellesley Centers for Women, was screened yesterday, January 14, by “Straight From The Heart Group” as a pilot project to enlighten the minds of girls on how to become dependent inspite of the odds of life.  The movie featured five women artists involved with their diverse household chores and at the same time struggling to lead creative lives while balancing family and motherhood. “Who Does She Think She Is” portrays real women who are a testament to both the heartbreak and the beauty of a 21st century life lived in art. “Sometimes you feel that society does not like what you do; as a women it is not about doing it but about doing it so good,” the artist said.

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