Great news! AND STILL PEACE DID NOT COME has been selected for Starbucks Digital Network’s in-store reading club. Starbucks Digital Network provides exclusive access to film, tv, newspaper, and book content.  This content will only be accessible to consumers while they are in the wifi space of the store.

Starbucks selects two books every two weeks that they will make 100% available for reading online in the store—so this is an amazing opportunity to create a buzz about the book through word of mouth.  The consumer can read as much as they want while they’re in Starbucks wifi but they lose access when they leave the store.  If the consumer enjoyed what they were reading, they can return to the store to read more or they can purchase the ebook through the iBookstore.

The title will go live on 3/22/11 and be taken down on 4/5/11.