During the Liberian civil war, my parents were not together precisely.  My father had sought refuge in neighbouring country, Sierra Leone. Considering the  tension within our community, the Samuel K. Doe Boulevard (SKD), we (my mother and us) decided to move as a family seeking a better place.

On our way with no where special in our mind, we met some rebels at the Stephen Tolbert Estate Bridge commonly known as “Double Bridge”.   While there, my mother was searched by one the rebels’ leaders named Mango Menlor, who was a Special Forces trained by Charles Taylor to attack Liberia. He was among the first group of Liberians rebels that attack the country on December 24th, 1989.

After searching my mother, they saw that she had a huge amount of money which was taken away from her.  Then, believing that my mother would report them to some senior commandos, Menlor ordered my mother to be killed.  He then fully participated in the killing of my mother. I saw him when he shot my mother twice in the lower and upper sides of her body.  Thereafter, we were taken by him to a place called Kakata until his departure to other assignments areas.

Later, Menlor knew that we were children of the lady killed at the bridge. My twin brothers were given to some relatives of his as their own.  But I closely monitored their dwelling areas based on conversations I overheard about the relatives, and kept a close watch.

Then, at the age of 14, the rebel leader asked me one day go along with him to some unknown area.  I went along.  Upon our arrival and considering what he did to my mother, I became afraid.  But within a second, he threw me down, removed all my clothes and forced me into sex. In short, he raped me.

With such experiences, I decided to escape, which I did.  Then, with the coming of the Truth and Reconciliation Comission of Liberia, I was opportune to have shared my experiences. Menlor was called and questioned.  He admitted to his crime, and asked to make my two brothers available for the sake of reconciliation. However, just a few months after he met them,one brother was killed.  Today, only the two of us are living, our mother killed, and our father’s whereabouts unknown.