Straight from the Heart Straight (SFTH) is a Human Resource Development project designed to reach out to the victims, survivors and perpetrators in Liberia and communities through dialogue, leadership empowerment, palava management schemes. This project is intended to enhance human dignity, through Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Reconciliation. Our target community in Liberia is the War Affected females and their families. As part of its activities, SFTH promotes reconciliation by creating a forum for community dwellers that were once divided during conflict through negotiation and dialogue considering their experiences in the Liberian conflict and by protecting human dignity of victims and perpetrators who willingly tell us their experiences. These processes reflect the themes that underpin the reconciliatory approach, which includes the acknowledgment of past wrongdoings and a Program package of forgiveness and innovative reparation process. War crimes, abuses and atrocities committed before and during the Liberia Civil wars created indelible scars on human beings and their communities, SFTH operations have proven to be successful. In our experience and practice, many Liberians who have been traumatized by the civil crisis have seen Reconciliation as the only way forward for a new and better Liberia . Thus SFTH focus is on vulnerable war affected females removing and transforming their lives from dysfunctional to a renaissance of civil and moral decency and dignity.