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About Us

Straight from the Heart Straight (SFTH) is a human resources development project meant to reach out to the victims, survivors and perpetrators of the Liberian civil war. It operates through dialogue, leadership empowerment, palava management schemes. This project is intended to enhance human dignity, through rehabilitation, reintegration, and reconciliation. Our target group in Liberia are women affected by the war, and their families.

SFTH promotes reconciliation by creating a forum for people in a community who were once on opposite sides of the conflict to come together through negotiation and dialogue. It provides a space for people to share their experiences in the Liberian conflict while protecting the human dignity of victims and perpetrators who willingly tell us their stories.

These processes reflect the themes that underpin the reconciliation approach, which includes the acknowledgment of past wrongdoings and a program package of forgiveness and innovative reparation process. War crimes, abuses and atrocities committed before and during the Liberia Civil wars created indelible scars on human beings and their communities. So far, SFTH operations have proven to be successful. In our experience and practice, many Liberians who have been traumatized by the civil crisis have seen reconciliation as the only way forward for a new and better Liberia . Thus, the focus of our mission is on vulnerable war affected females, removing and transforming their lives from dysfunctional to a renaissance of civil and moral decency and dignity.

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Sections of SFTH

Psycho social Unit:

Straight From The Heart helps ex-fighters cope with their trauma. Our mission is to create sustainable and accessible mental health care services to victims and war affected persons. This unit should not only address the immediate needs of recovering communities but also pre-existing mental health problems. It will have sites where families and individuals in need of trauma assistance can be treated.

Shelter House

Women that have given their stories to Straight From The Heart radio program just after the war in Liberia and do not have safe place to stay come to the center. We provide a sleeping place for these women and their children. The women are often fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence and arrive at our center without husbands and with children who are sick.  Some may be seeking food and health care, while others may simply want to reunite with family members or seek opportunities that are not available to them in their home and their communities.

Radio Media and Outreach Unit

Coming soon! One Liberia Advocacy Radio FM 103.5 is an independent and a non-governmental Radio Station made up of local female and international journalists that will operate independent news and information from the voices in the communities in Liberia. One Liberia Advocacy Radio FM will aim to overcome lack of information from the communities.


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